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  Sixteen years is not a very long period of time, but long enough to make the Students' Union the most influential organisation of St. Joseph's College. Ever since its establishment in 1981, the Students' Union have zealous students willing to take up the posts in the Executive Committee, contributing their effort and sacrificing their time, working for the school and serving all Josephians. What they have been trying to do in these years is not simply organising school functions, but to uplift school morale and discipline, and to act as a bridge between the school authorities and students.

Executive Committee 96-97
  Click here to view the names of our Students' Union Executive Committee Members 96-97.

  After the formation of the Executive Committee, in the first week of September, the Exco members paid visit to each class, accompained by our Principal Rev. Bro. Thomas and our Discipline Master Mr. L. Tsui. During each visit, the functions and goals of the Students' Union were introdued, so that students could get acquainted with the Students' Union more easily.

Issue of Student I.D. Card
  In mid September, a Student I.D.Card was issued to every student. With this I.D.Card, all students officialllly became members of the Students' Union and could enjoy the various functions organised throughout the year. At the same time, they were also obliged to carry this Student I.D.Card whenever they attended school for lessons and activities, so as to remind them that they all belonged to one big family.

Cheering Team
  Our swimmers and athletes achieved excellent results in this year's Annual Inter-School Swimming Gala and Athletic Meet. Apart from the systematic and intense training program, the enthusiastic support from our Cheering Team should not be neglected and the slogan "SJC Forever!" was clearly heard in every corner of the stadium.

Functions held in this year

Subsidiary Boards
  The Students' Union Executive Committee could not run all functions on its own, as its workload would then be too enormous. Therefore, weveral subsidiary boards are set up in order to facilitate the internal administration and to lessen the burden of the Executive Committee. They are as follows:


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