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St. Joseph's College has undergone many changes since its establishment in 1875. Our College is now one of the most prestigious schools on Hong Kong and this is reflected by our strengths in both academic and extra-curricular circles.

Currently, a total of almost 4000 students are studying in the kindergarten, primary and secondary sections. A wide range of subjects are taught in St. Joseph's including both arts and science. History has recently been re-introduced for Form Four students plans are also under way for the introduction of Putonghua for lower form students.

Academically, Josephians have consistently scored outstanding results in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination and Hong Kong advanced Level Examination. We have a high university entrance rate and a number of our students have also gone on to top universities around the world.

Over the years, St. Joseph's College has built up a strong reputation in extra-curricular circles. Our students regularly participate in inter-school sports competitions and have achieved encouraging results. A number of them have also served in inter-school organisations and some have even represented Hong Kong in such events as the International Olympiad in Informatics and the Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation Seminars.

Our College is located at 7 Kennedy Road which is only five minutes walk from Central - the heart of Hong Kong - and our neighbours include St. Joseph's Church and Hong Kong Park. St. Joseph's Path, which joins Kennedy Road and Garden Road, runs along the east side of our College.


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