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Q: When will your site be finished?
A: Hey, is this a curse? As SJC will be forever, G & W Online will also be forever. As a rule of the Internet, and especially the World-wide Web, anything which claim that they are "finished", they are finished. No one will visit them again and they will be surely be forgotten. We Josephians are an active and responsible group, and we simply wouldn't let a piece of dust cover our cyberspace.

Q: Hey, I think frames are great. Why don't you use frames here?
A: Well, if you think that frame is the greatest thing ever since sliced bread, you are wrong. Many older browsers do not support frames and yet many people still use them. If our site really use frames, many visitors will not be able to access our pages. So we make a little compromise and use tables instead. While we can still have the a pretty good control over the layout, visitors who use older browsers can still view all our data here (although browsers which do not support tables, e.g. Lynx, will render our pages a bit messier. But who still use them for serious surfing?).

Q: Why do you call this site Green & White Online? Is "Green & White" a trademark of SJC?
A: Of course not. What do you think SJC is? It's a school. And a school should not have any smell of the commercial world. As for the naming, we simply followed our School Magazine, The Green & White. St. Joseph's College has a long relationship with green and white and it happens that they exist everywhere in our college, from our curtains to our walls, from our ties to our shirts, from the cover of our handbook to its inside. But as for the reason why we Josephians seem to be particularly in favour of these 2 colours, well, we have no idea.


More Q & A coming soon...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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