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Some sites have a page called "What's New". Usually when new things arrive, old things will be removed. However, we think that this page may be even better if we can keep the development record of our site here, as many of our friends may find this interesting.

Early developments were not recorded very precisely, as we have forgotten the many details (this page is still a new thing). Current and future developments, however, will be described more thoroughly. So when you visit again, load this page and get yourself informed of our latest constructions.

4-97 Added Mr. Arculli's Interview.
Added Renovation section to Campus.
Directory structure changed. Much more organized now.
Nearly every existing page revamped. Not an easy task.
Added 96 analysis section
Added ITQ photos
Added Contact Central (Josephians contact list is finally here!)
Also unofficial SJC homepages page and clubs' homepages page.)
Added 2 graphics to About page and Contact Central.
Added Guestbook.
Invited Brother Thomas to write Principal's Message for us
3-97 Added Athletic Meet page
Added Students' Festival page
2-97 Added Walkathon page
Added Club Directory
1-97 Added Opening Mass page
Added PTA section
Added Contributions section
12-96 Homepage prototype version 2 ready
11-96 More SJC History and info added
10-96 Web Publishing Board formed
A few pages built using prototype version 1


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