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Josephian Contact List

Here is a database containing information of Josephians in cyberspace. We'll provide more ways to search for your friends in the near future, but for the time being, here is a list with the last name fields arranged in alphabetical order.

If you also want to have your information listed here, please send us an email containing the following information:

  1. your name,
  2. your graduation year (year you took or should take AL for the first time),
  3. your email Address, and
  4. your homepage URL (optional)


Last name First name Grad' Email Homepage URL
Au Antares 1998 email homepage


Castro Fred E 1960 email  
Chan Jun Yu 2000 email homepage
Chan Kam Kong, Rocky 1998 email  
Chan Ming-Yip, Vincent 1991 email  
Chan Chun Leung, Ambrose 1998 email  
Chan Charles 1993 email homepage
Chan Gary Karyin 1987 email  
Chan Calvin Ching 1994 email homepage
Chan Kwok Kit. Alex 1997 email homepage
Chan Man Shun, Anthony 1991 email  
Chan Ying Hoo, Tony 1978 email  
Chan Chi Yan,Ryan 1999 email homepage
Chan Chun Kit, Jenkin 1999 email homepage
Chan Che Tei, David 1989 email homepage
Chan Po Sum, Derek 1979 email  
Chang Tien Yin, Jonathan 1997 email  
Chen Jonathan 1999 email  
Chin Desmond 1997 email  
Cheng Stephen 2001 email  
Cheng Hiu Fai 1998 email homepage
Cheng Akira 1999 email homepage
Chiu William 1993 email  
Chui Tak Yiu, Daniel 1994 email  
Cheung Sze Ming, Simon 1988 email  
Cheung Chun Yin, Ricky 2000 email  
Cheung Richard 1995 email homepage
Chim Stephen 1994 email homepage
Chu Pak-Ning, Patrick 1994 email  
Chung Roy 2002 email  



Fang Hsin Jan, Sean 1997 email homepage
Fong Kam Hung, Anthony 1998 email  


Ho Ting Pong, Gabriel 1997 email homepage
Ho Gerran 2002 email  
Ho Kwok Tung, Gordon 1999 email homepage
Ho Wai-Yip Philip 1993 email  
Ho Pui Lam, Benjamin 1985 email  
Hsui Chi Ho, Jonathan 1998 email  


Jim Pok Man, Daniel 1988 email  
Jim Pok To, Francis 1991 email  

Keung Ching Tung 1996 email  
Kwan Ho Yin, Paul 1998 email homepage
Kwan Kar Hey 2000 email homepage
Kwan Paul 1985 email  

Lai Shiu Kai, Frederick 1992 email homepage
Lam Brian 1995 email homepage
Lam Simon 1998 email  
Lau Liam 2000 email  
Law Kai Hay, Clement 1987 email  
Leung Pak Keung, Jason 1997 email homepage
Lee But Tong, Benny 1999 email  
Lee Edmund 1998 email  
Lee Simon 1999 email  
Lee Chi Chung, Nigel 2002 email homepage
Lee Chun Kwok 1995 email homepage
Lee Arnold 2000 email  
Ling King Bun, Kevin 1993 email homepage
Luk Lawrence 2000 email  
Luk Siu Kau, Francis 1989 email homepage
Leung Wing Kei, Kevin 1999 email  
Leung Chi Yeun, William 1987 email  
Leung Wai Fung, Peter 1987 email  
Lo Floyd 1992 email  
Lo Chun Yip, Amos 1988 email  
Lo Hong Chung, John 1998 email  
Lo Stanley 1999 email homepage
Liu Kevin 1988 email  

Mak Kai Lok, Gregory 1996 email  
Mak Wai Yiu, Willy 1999 email  
Mak Yue-Kwan, Paul 1999 email  

Ng Kai Hing F.,Kenneth 1992 email homepage
Ng Alex 2000 email  
Ng Matsuba 2002 email  
Ng Matsuta 2003 email  
Ng Francis 2000 email  
Ng Anson 1997 email homepage
Ng Churk Yin ,Eric 1999 email  


Pang Michael 1998 email homepage



Sze Shun Fung, Alexander 1998 email homepage
Shu Chun Chung 1997 email homepage
Sin Hendrick 1993 email homepage
Siu Gerald Jr. 1998 email  
So Cheunk Fan 1998 email  
So Wai Hung, Joseph 1972 email homepage
Siow Steven 2000 email  
Sandhu Gobindar 2000 email  
Sit Kelvin 1996 email homepage

Tang Felix 1996 email homepage
Tam Ronald 2000 email  
Tong Si Tat, Eric 1992 email homepage
Tang Kar Ming 1997 email homepage
Tang Yip Kan, Kendrick 2000 email  
Tong Shu Wing, Adrian 1997 email homepage
Tsui Chin Chi, Denny 1997 email homepage



Wan Hong Yin, Mark 1985 email (home)
email (office)
Wan Cheuk Wai, Boniface 1994 email  
Wan Sunny 1997 email  
Wong Kwok Kei, Gary 1999 email homepage
Wong Anson 1993 email homepage
Wong Hon Wei, Simon 1997 email homepage
Wong Lap-Kuen, Alan 1994 email  
Wong Hiu Fai, Sunny 2000 email homepage
Wong Sherwin 1998 email  
Wong Yuk Lun 1990 email  
Wong Ka-Chun, Kevin 1998 email homepage


Yam King Heng, Arthur 1998 email homepage
Yau C., Jason 1994 email homepage
Yau Samuel 1994 email homepage
Yeung Man-koon, Caleb 1991 email homepage
Yiu Chun Yu, Richard 2000 email  
Yip Kar Yin, Ambrose 1989 email  
Yip Samuel 2000 email  
Yue Terence 1991 email homepage



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