The Josephian Spirit 
 Mission Statement 
 Rally and Badge 
 Campus and Location 
 School Uniform 

 Personal Appearance
1. Students should look clean and tidy at all times.

2. The school uniform is to be worn within the school and at all school functions.

3. Students should not be admitted into class without proper uniform.

1. Students or their parents should inform the school office (25221204) in the morning between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. by phone if they intend to be absent.

2. On the first day back to school, students absent from school should give a letter of explanation from their parents or a medical certificate and the student handbook to the form- teachers before school.

3. Form-teachers are to collect the letters of excuse or medical certificates from the students after their absence, and hand them to the office on the same day.

4. Students coming late are not allowed to enter the classrooms, unless they have obtained the "'admission slip" from the prefect-of-studies or the discipline master.

5. The school office will phone the parents if students are absent for two consecutive days and have not informed the school.

6. Students absent for more than three consecutive days may be considered to have withdrawn from school if no formal notification from the parents or guardians is received.

7. Students asking for early leave should get permission from the prefect-of-studies or discipline master. A letter of excuse should be handed in to the form-teacher on the next school day and the parents should initial on the early-leave record in the handbook.

8. Students who have to go abroad for sports or games on behalf of the school or Hong Kong should inform the prefect-of-studies directly and obtain approval from the principal beforehand.

9. Students who absent themselves from. school at any time without reasonable excuse may be penalized.

1. Students should be polite at all times.

2. Students are to stand up and greet the teachers or visitors when they enter and when they leave the classroom.

3. Students should cease all activities after the school bell and proceed immediately and quietly to their classrooms.

4. There should be no excessive noise or shouting in the classroom between lessons and in the playgrounds at recess and lunch breaks.

5. Students are to move in good order and quietly from classrooms to laboratory, playgrounds or other functional rooms.

6. Students are never to throw litter on the ground but are to pitch it in the litter bins provided.

7. Students are never to use bad language. This is especially important when they are in the streets, on buses or other public places.

 School Facilities
1. Students are to treat school property with care and never deliberately break or disfigure it. If a student happens to break or damage school property, he should report this to the School Office.

2. The playgrounds adjacent to Form 1 are normally reserved for Form 1 pupils only.

3. Students are forbidden to play football in the basketball courts.

4. Students are required to bring their Student Identity Cards to school for identification purposes.

5. Students are to bring their student handbooks every day. The loss of the student handbook should be reported to the form-teacher and discipline master.

6. Students are strongly advised not to leave their schoolbags unattended when they go elsewhere to play. They are also not to leave any books overnight in their desks. Lockers should be used when necessary.

7. Students are strongly advised not to bring valuables or large amount of money to school. School will not be responsible for any loss of such items.

8. Students are forbidden to sit or lie on the school parapets or to climb on to ledges because it is extremely dangerous.

9. Students should maintain order and cleanliness in the Canteen. No games of any kind (including card games) are to be played in the Canteen without formal approval.

10. Food or drink must not be consumed in the classrooms, study rooms, library or meeting-rooms without permission.

11. Students are not to play games, kick or throw balls, throw chalk or engage in any other form of misbehaviour in the classrooms at any time.

12. Students who wish to use the classroom for meetings during lunch breaks or after school should get permission from the Principal.

13. In the Library, students should replace the books properly after reading and return the borrowed books intact and on time.

14. Students should observe all instructions in the Laboratory and they are forbidden to touch any equipment or chemicals without permission.

15. Students should make as little noise as possible during P.E. Lessons in order not to disturb the other classes.

16. Students are forbidden to run along corridors or staircases especially on rainy days.

17. Students are forbidden to bring any unauthorized reading materials, such as magazines and comics, to school.

18. Students will have to leave school premises by 5:30 p.m. unless they are on approved school business.

A prayer should he said at the start of the first period in the morning.

 Discipline and Punishments
1. If any student has violated any regulation for the first time (depending on seriousness of the offence) he will be warned; for a second offence he will be put into detention class and for a third time his parents will be notified and this will be recorded in the Student Confidential Record. Repeated offences shall necessitate stricter measure deemed fit by the Principal.

2. Serious Offences:
(i) Defiance of a teacher
(ii) Deliberately breaking or damaging any item of school furniture or equipment or any other act of vandalism.
(iii) Gambling or smoking
(iv) Stealing
(v) Fighting
(vi) Playing truant
(vii) Cheating in examinations and tests
(viii) Being in possession of pornographic material or distributing it
(ix) Being connected with any triad or gang element.

Any student found guilty of any of these serious offences will be dealt with very severely.

 Laboratory Rules
1. Students should follow strictly the instructions given by the teacher.

2. Students should not enter the laboratory unless a teacher is present.

3. Students should not remove anything from the laboratory without permission.

4. Students should not rush around or play in the laboratory.

5. Do not attempt any experiment without teacher's permission.

6. Experiments under way should not be left unattended.

7. Laboratory reagents and chemicals should be returned to the appropriate places immediately after use, with their labels facing the front.

8. Students should not suck fingers or pencils when in the laboratory since these may be contaminated with chemicals as well as germs which may cause infectious diseases.

9. Eating and drinking are strictly forbidden in the laboratory.

10. Students should immediately report all accidents and breakages to their teacher.

11. Keep all laboratory exits and passages clear.

12. Keep the laboratory clean and tidy.

13. In case of serious accidents, students should keep calm and strictly follow the evacuation instructions given by teacher.

14. Students should report to teacher in case of dizziness and faintness.

15. During evacuation, students should follow the route of the fire drill/ emergency plan to the safe places.