On your way to work,
Under the shadows of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong,
In the exhaust fumes of the taxis that filled the air, 
In the hustling noise of the girder that bombarded your ears,

Are you aware?

Are you aware of the deterioration of the surroundings?
Are you aware of that you are the one who is responsible?
Are you aware?

In your office,
Under the reflecting white lights that lit up the office, 
In the fragrant of an air freshener, 
In the cacophony of the shedders, 

Are you aware?

Are your aware of the devastation
You've made using the air freshener?
Are you aware of the destruction
You've made by throwing away a blank A4 paper?
Are you aware?

Everyone in Hong Kong is too absorbed in the quest for
A better living, higher salary, or better grades at school.
From dawn till night,
People are confined to their working places,
With their minds fully occupied by their jobs,
Their studies and all sorts of troubles and worries.

Indulged are they in the financial world.
Indulged are they in the materialistic world.

Yet, they do not have a sense that their home is deteriorating,
Their efforts will be futile,
when home is destroyed.
Home is under severe attack.
The vitals are fading.

What is home?

Home is, with no doubt, where we live.
Earth it is.

Ironically, people are destroying their own home.

The air freshener you have used, the paper you have thrown, compound to the
Holes in the ozone;
Melting ice in the poles;
Raging fire in the forests;
Roaring hurricanes in the oceans;
Ignition of the flame of self-destruction.