Are you a true Josephian?

(Originally published in G&W Gazette Jan 1997)

Level 1 (4 MARKS EACH)
The following questions are to test your acquaintance with our school. Are you ready for the challenge?

1. Which of the following club does not have a club room?
A. Camera Club B. Interact Club C. Drama Club

2. Our school school permises was originally the site of:
A. Club Germania B. French Club C. Austrian Club

3. Which governor attened the opening ceremony of the New Building?
A. Sir Richard MacDonald B. Sir Robert Black C. Lord David Wilson

4. Who has been serving in our school for the longest time?
A. Mr. Felix Chun B. Mr. S. R. Hsieh C. Mr. John Chan

5. The first prinicpal of our school is
A. Rev. Br. Thomas B. Rev. Br. Patrick C. Rev. Br. Nicholas Rodrigues

6. Who was the guest of honour of the open day of our school in the 120th anniversary?
A. Mr. Leung Chi Hung B. Mrs. Anson Chan C. Sir John Swaine

7. How many vice-principals do we have in our school?
A. One B. Two C. Three

8. Who is the careers master of our school?
A. Mr. K. Sharma B. Mr. L.Tsui C. Mr. P. Ip

9. Who is the teacher adviser of the Editorial Board?
A. Mr. T. F. Chan B. Mr. C. Chan C. Mr. A. Lee

10. How many clocks are there in the new hall?
A. One B. Two C. Three

You may find Level 1 quite easy. Be careful, here comes Level 2!

When did they start? (3 MARKS EACH)
1. St. Joseph's College
A. 1875 B. 1876 C. 1879

2. The OBA
A. 1914 B. 1924 C. 1934

3. The School Magazine
A. 1903 B. 1913 C. 1923

4. The Gazette
A. 1975 B. 1981 C. 1983

5. The Student's Union
A. 1970 B. 1975 C. 1981

6. The Green and White Walkathon
A. 1970 B. 1971 C. 1972

7. The Swimming Gala
A. 1972 B. 1975 C. 1977

8. The Green and White Ball
A. 1969 B. 1979 C. 1989

9. Athletic Meet
A. 1910 B. 1915 C. 1920

10. The Library
A. 1875 B. 1884 C. 1902


Level 1


Level 2





There are three possibilities for obtaning this result:
1. You are not a student of our school. (forgivable)
2. You study day and night but are not involved in any school activities. (should participate in more school activities)
3. You do not understand English. (not applicable to Josephians)

You are quite familiar with our school. Try to spend more time in participating school activities and this will definetly add colour to your school life.

You are an all-round Josephian. You participate in all kinds of extra-curricular activities and are familiar with our school history. Keep up your good work.

You have proven yourself to be a true Josephian. You acquitance with our school is no less than any of the Editorial Borad Members. You have amply demonstrated the Josephian spirit and we are happy to see that.