Characters and Words
Putting a Stop on Pirated CDs by Chan Ching Bun
Pirated copies of VCD, computer games and software have been very popular in the past few years. Although much effort has been put in by the police and the customs, people still get pirated CDs easily. People prefer illegal CDs to the original ones because of their low prices. However, it is the marketing of illegal CDs that leads to the high prices of the original ones...
 Writing  Author
 Are you an ideal student? (Quiz)  Dr. Halogen
 Reflections  Devil=Whaling
 Putting a Stop on Pirated CDs  Chan Ching Bun
 From Water-Bottles to Hand-held Video Games  Alvin Yu
 Enough, for now!  Adrian Wong
 A Glimpse of Memories - Collection of 5 Memories  English Society 99-2000
 Simply prepare students for exams?  Alex Tsui
 A Nostalgic Journey  Apocalypse
 Laughters  Editorial Board 1996-1997
 Are you a true Josephian?  Editorial Board 1996-1997
 Sound and Vision

More Josephians' Must-haves

Are you a F.6 student now?

If yes, you shouldn't miss this! I think this is quite an important moment in your lifetime - our graduation dinner! Although the quality of the images may be mediocre, it is still a good way to recall our memory...

If no, it doesn't matter. If you haven't taken the HKCEE, just imagine the joyfulness in the graduation dinner. Or if you have, does we look like you, when you are in the graduation dinner?

 Art and Vision  Artist
 School Badge in Vector Graphics
 (for Adobe Illustrator 8)
 Leo Mak
 Official Badge - The Flame of 125th Anniversary  Students' Union
 Graduation Dinner Photo Gallery
 (F.5 Science Stream 1998-1999)
 Cosmic Digital Images
 SJC 125th Anniversary Bus  Markraphics
 Look Back on the Platform Gap  Leo Mak
 You're Josephiatic  037
 TechJet V2 in Hong Kong  037
 Somewhat Feelings  037
 Elephantiation - 4th Trend and Scene  037
 Internet Explorer 5 - Just a Little Celebration  037
 Movie and Motion  Producer
 Digital Morphing Video Trailer  SJC IPT '99
 Sound and Music  Performer
 Resounding Voices MP3  037
 School Anthem Ringing Tone for Cell Phone Nokia 6150 MIDI  Timothy Fung
 All Through Our College (Floor-Rubbing Mix) MIDI  037
 Computer Programmes  Developer
 Three, Six, Nine  Ma Hing Tung