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Translated and Extracted from Mars Classroom,
The Sun Daily (Issue 15/2/2000)
Copyrighted by the Sun Daily. All Rights Reserved.

One of the best schools on the Hong Kong Island, St. Joseph's College, besides having an excellent academic record and teaching a lot of prominent old boys, is also a terrific participant in many extra-curricular activites, no matter the arts or the sports. In every year, the SJC speech team has always been one of the best teams in the Speech Festival. It is our pleasure to invite the geniuses in the speech team to have an interview on the way to their victory.

 TACTIC ONE: Careful Selection
Over the past few years, St. Joseph's College has been the jackpot winner of the English Section in the Speech Festival. To get such perfect results, the strategies are certainly one of the winning factors. The army general Miss Chia believes that, as the competition is divided into various sections which include various speeches, each team member must be thoroughly sorted, arranged and received the appropriate training.

In general, according to the characters and behaviours of the students, Miss Chia will prepare them for the competition, using the speech articles with an appropriate style. For example, the elegant but a bit long "I Never More House With A Cat" was presented by Loke Yue Hin (Right), who is sophisticated and retentive; while the vivacious and vivid "The Circus" was performed by the lovely and active Yuen Kam Bo.
 TACTIC TWO: Freedom to Elaborate

To be able to beat so many opponents and win the prizes, the speakers do not follow any rules or formulas - they have to freedom to extend their ability.

Yuen Kam Bo (Left), now studying in Form One, said, "Speech is a kind of performance art. Voice is of course important, but the facial expression is also crucial. Not only can it intensify the artistic effects, but also absorb the spectators and listeners into the dramatic environment created by the speech."

Wong Wai Hong, now studying in Form Three, considered the importance of familiarizing the article, "First we should know what the speech is expressing. Is it a happy or a sad one? Second we should be careful of the tempo of the performance. Appropriate tempo is a key to success in the performance."

 TACTIC THREE: Strategic Moves

Even though the speakers had won in many battles, facing problems and taking risks are one of the important steps towards success. How can they sail through them actually?

Wong Wai Hong (Right) answered energetically, "When there are any accidents, for instance, an unusually excellent performance of our opponents, our policy is "to remain unchanged under the changes" - to perform as scheduled. This is because any changes in style, due to the lack of experience, will result in poorer performance and lack of confidence. 'Confidence' is the word we always bear in mind!"

Considering the Sections in the Speech Festival, Wong Wai Yueng had no doubt that "Public Speaking" is the one with the highest difficulty, "We receive the articles given by the authority just a few minutes before the performance. To familiar, recite and examine the article in such a short period is really exciting. Whether or not can we achieve good performances greatly depends on the abundance of individual experiences and confidence."

 TACTIC FOUR: Intimate Big Brothers
The SJC Speech Team although consists of members of different ages, their communciation is free and easy. As every members give assistances to each other, the team spirit is then evolved, making the whole team like a big family.

Regarding the outstanding performances of the junior students, the senior students doubtlessly feel very happy about that. In order to strive for the best, they always do not forget to remind them of their fallacies and help them whenever available. Peter Yip of Form Six said, "They're still lack of experiences. In some areas they will "overdone" the speech, and the style of that part become incoherent with the style of the whole article. Fortunately, the problem can be distinguished and solved after several months of practices with perseverance and carefulness."

As they have such an intimate relationship with each other, it is without doubt that they can be so superior and do not have any problems in recruiting new members in the next generation.