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Green & White Online is compatible with Netscape 6.
Although G&W Online is not compatible with previous versions of Netscape (Incorrect alignment, Script errors, etc.), G&W Online loads successfully in Netscape 6 Preview Edition. More issues about browser compatibility will be posted later.

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Green & White Online now becomes active, not passive!
Web Publishing Board is now planning to develop the Josephian virtual classroom and join the HK Cyber Campus for the "One Student, One Email" Scheme. Josephians who are interested in these projects please send us comments and vote in these surveys:

Completing the web structure of Green & White Online
We have come in a new design, a new layout, a new content, a new technology, a new style, and a new team, as we together celebrate the 125th anniversary of our school, St. Joseph's College.

Our site is currently undergoing massive overhaul and rework. Some links work but some do not. We know that this site is not entirely flawless, nor is it substantial enough to cover all the topics you want. However we believe that it would at least serve to give you an idea of how here would be like when it's completed. So please bear with us for the time being and enjoy your visit here. This site should be fully functional in November.

If you have been here from our early stage of development, you'll have noticed that our content has grown enormously during the last few months. Currently, we are working hard to add more graphics and interactivity here so as to keep this site not only informative and interesting, but also usable and practical.