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"What is ITQ? Information Technology Question? Any Questions?"
"Encore!" ITQ, Internal Talent Quest, the annual in-school singing contest, was held on 25th March 2000. Who interprets ITQ as Information Technology Question? Check out the videos and photos now! or

The Longest Variety Show in SJC
CV420, a charity variety show consisting of dance performance, singing contest and fashion show, was successfully held on April 20, 2000.

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Although G&W Online is not compatible with previous versions of Netscape (Incorrect alignment, Script errors, etc.), G&W Online loads successfully in Netscape 6 Preview Edition. More issues about browser compatibility will be posted later.
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 2.5  Commencement of Summer Time-Table
 25.5  St. La Salle Feast Day


  • More Updates on ITQ 2000
  • Features on Final Exam
 ...Into the Millennium
"A New Definition of Green & White:
Vigorousness & Harmony"

~ Louis Lee (Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial Board 1998)
Quoted from Green and White 1998

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Information Technology
We shall talk about 'it'.
Not the proverb, not the designer shop, but with I standing for information, T standing for technology, we will tell you more about information technology.

Electronic Version of G&W Gazette 99-2000
The Green and White Gazette Issue Two is available now! Electronic version is also available for all readers in every parts of the world. This issues contain recent reports on Open Day 2000 and Students' Festival.  

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