What is it?
G&W Online Newsletter (G&W.ON) is a brand-new service provided by the Web Publishing Board in year 2000. By subscribing to G&W.ON, Josephians can stay informed of every major updates of Green and White Online.

The newsletter includes the site highlights with links to the related pages. It will be transferred to the subscribers by email. The newsletter will not be published in a regular interval, but will be published only when an appropriate amount of new files are available.

Please note that this service is for Josephians or SJC Old Boys only.

 How to subscribe?
To subscribe, you can register yourself in Green and White Interaction. After you had registered, you can access all areas in G&W Interaction.

If you are already a registered member of Green and White Interaction, you do not need to register again.

Click here to register now.

 How to unsubscribe?
To unsubscribe, please go the Update Details section of Green and White Interaction. Uncheck the "Subscribe to G&W Online Newsletter" and then submit.

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