A book of Josephian Spirit. 
Celebrating our school’s 125th Anniversary, the English Department, together with the English Society, is going to publish a book: The Wonder Years. This book will contain many stories of interesting or memorable school-life incidents, thoughts, poems, cartoon pictures, and even comic strips, all of which are written or drawn by our fellow Josephians. The booklet will be much similar to the Chicken Soup Series.

Now, you can also make a contribution to this extraordinary publication. You can choose one or more than one of the above categories. You do not need to follow a special topic, but all contributions must be based on our school. As this is a publication of all Josephians, we do need the support of our old boys too. If you do want to contribute, please turn it in on or before 8th November.
 What's interesting...
A Memorable Event by Rockson Wei
Of my seven years of secondary school, there were countless memorable occasions. Amongst them, the most pleasant was the 123rd Open Day organized when I was Form Six. Despite in the "Honeymoon" year, I had not taken part in the organizing of the Open Day. I went there as a spectator only.
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 Memories  Josephian
 A Memorable Event  Rockson Wei
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 My Dear Angel  Brady Ng
 My Father and I in SJC  Ricky Yung
 A penny saved is a penny earned  Steven Chan Kwun Shing