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 Words from Brother Thomas
Dear Josephians and Friends,

        I am very happy to have this opportunities to 'meet' you through this medium of the SJC Home Page.

        This is indeed a great moment for all of us. We here in St. Joseph's College can now reach out to all Josephians at home and abroad and you , our alumni, can feel that you are still very much a proud part of St. Joseph's Family.

        Our Home Page will also introduce us to strangers - or rather to friends we have yet to meet. St. Joseph's has been intimately associated with the development of Hong Kong since 1875. I hope that the Home Page will introduce you to a very vibrant community here in 7, Kennedy Road where a caring and dedicated staff work together with intelligent and talented students to meet the challenges of the future.

        With God's help we look forward with optimism to the changing years ahead where Josephians will play a meaningful part in the next chapter of our history.

        With best wish to you all.


(Brother Thomas Favier)