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G&W -
In what ways has SJC changed from your days?

Mr. Arculli -
I think students nowadays tend to study science more than arts subjects. Another thing is that the English standard as a whole has been declining, but that is not just case for SJC and applies to the majority of students in Hong Kong. This may be due to the change in the local education system. Another change in SJC is that there are a lot fewer teaching Brothers now than before.

G&W -
St. Joseph's College has produced a number of well-known individuals in the community, including yourself. has this anything to do with the school's education system?

Mr. Arculli -
If the school provides a good education foundation, it will help much in one's development in life. There are many SJC old boys who excel themselves in their own field, especially those in the professional sector although I have also come across many from the business field. When I first joined the Legco in 1988, I think there were eight members from SJC. In the current Legco sitting, including myself, there are four members. Except David Li, whom I believe was a couple of years my junior at SJC, Edward Ho, Leong Che Hung and myself actually attended the same class when we were studying in Form 3 or 4.

G&W -
SJC is known to give its students a lot of freedom. Do you think it is good for them?

Mr. Arculli -
In general I think it is good to give more freedom to teenagers although in special cases, some may not be good to handle it. If teenagers are not given enough free space to develop, they will miss the challenge from life and I think they will contribute less to the society.

G&W -
Do you think that if too much free space is given to teenagers, they may become naughty and uncontrollable?

Mr. Arculli -
The truth is, I think nowadays all teenagers are naughty to a certain extent, but if you say it is because teenagers are given too much freedom, I will not agree on that. As long as there is always someone, say your teacher or friend or family member, to give you a guiding hand to keep you on the right track, I think it is okay to give a little more freedom to teenagers. I believe human beings are basically good-natured. The trouble is that they don't know how to strike a balance sometimes.

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