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G&W -
After 1997, will there be any changes in the legal profession?

Mr. Arculli -
I don't think the legal system of Hong Kong will change because of 1997. After all, the legal structure, Courts of Law and the law and order of Hong Kong have been very well-established over the years but again, this will be our future mini-constitution. I expect there may be some changes to the title "Queen's Counsel" which will affect some barristers in Hong Kong.

G&W -
With the arrival of 1997, do you think Hong Kong people's way of life will be very different?

Mr. Arculli -
I think with 1997, the majority of people in Hong Kong are not really sure what the future holds for them. This is understandable because many people have come to settle in Hong Kong from mainland China in the last couple of decades and they are afraid of the Communist Party from their previous experiences. But we must not forget in the last 15 years, China has also gone through many changes. Even though many changes. Even though the Communist Party still rules China, I don't think they want to change Hong Kong into a communist society......If that is their intention, it should not be a problem for them since they succeeded to convert the whole country to communism in 1949. Why do you think China declared the "One Country - Two Systems" concept and set up the Joint Declarations and Basic law with he British to calm us down? I think the leaders in China accept that communism is coming to the end of a chapter. Just look at the changes taken place with the Soviet Union and the Eastern European countries. China has realised that if the standard of living for the people is to continue to improve, they must put economic policies first. With a population of 1.2 billion, it will nor be easy for them to adopt any new policies overnight. China will not welcome democracy but I think once the people achieve economic freedom, they will demand more. With regards to our future, I do believe Hong Kong will play a special role after 1997. We are not leading China but we are providing special services, say, the legal, accounting, banking and design professions, just to name a few. We will be a great partner for China by providing them with innovative ideas to explore their vast resources. I would encourage those young men who are thinking of staying here after 1997 to set their eyes further down the road and not just look at the present picture.

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