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G&W -
Being a steward of the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club, do you think there will be any changes after 1997?

Mr. Arculli -
We don't expect there will be any changes in the administration of the club Only the name will be change but that was the decision of the majority of their members. Other club members including the Royal Hong Kong Golf Club and the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club has also gone through a name-change.

G&W -
Do you think there will be any changes to other ambling business or horse racing?

Mr. Arculli -
Apart from the mahjong parlors, horse racing is the only other gambling business in Hong Kong. I think that horse racing is good for the normal running of our society. Not only does it provide a lot of fun and excitement for the general public, it also contributes significantly, I think about 7% of the total tax collected by the Hong Kong Government. The RHKJC is a non-profit making organsiation and all the surplus is used for the benefit of our society to fund the much-needed projects like building schools or old people's home etc.

G&W -
Do you think horse racing will become even more popular after 1997 or will people change their habit in gambling?

Mr. Arculli -
I don't think 1997 will have a great impact on the people's interest and hobby. Of course I hope people will continue to gamble on horse racing because as I said before, it brings great revenue to the government's tax coffers. It is actually a form of voluntary taxation.

G&W -
Why are you so fond of horses?

Mr. Arculli -
When I was a teenager, I was influenced by my grandfather who also liked horse racing. We were living in Happy Valley then so that we could be a contributory factor as well. My interest in horses probably blossomed when was in England.

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